Android Build and Public Version 1.4

As the post says, I have uploaded the most recent build which is now public and have also included an Android build. 

Now hopefully the android build should run just fine but if you notice any bugs or issues, they likely wont be addressed unfortunately due to a few reasons. Firstly, setting up the android version is not my priority. I'm strapped for time as it is between work and writing the next chapter and having to sacrifice time in making the next chapter to iron out bugs for the mobile version is not something I'm willing to do.  

Secondly, I own an iphone, so I can't exactly test it out personally myself to see if everything works just fine. I've tried an emulator and it seems to be okay but the build that uses the emulator is different from ones sent to an actual phone or tablet. Whether or not there are differences I can't tell for sure. Now as a side note, while I have an iphone, the possibility of porting to ios is slim to none. I wont go into detail why just know that it isn't even close to as convenient or easy as with android . I'll leave it to you to look it up yourself if you wish to discover why.

Files 399 MB
Sep 12, 2019 381 MB
Sep 12, 2019
kings.guard-104-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 386 MB
Sep 12, 2019

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