Kingsguard 1.03 Leandros Chapter 08

Alright, it's finally here!

This is a very lengthy chapter and comes with a few things to note before jumping right on into the meat of the new chapter. Remember that your save file may not always work between builds especially during later chapters. But starting back from the beginning at Chapter 1 will allow you to access a few new CGs.

There has also been a few bug changes for Koshiro at the end of Chapter 08 with the house as well as spelling and grammar updates for Chapter 1. 


Kingsguard 1.03 Win/Linux Build 519 MB
Jul 17, 2021
Kingsguard 1.03 MAC OSX Build 485 MB
Jul 17, 2021

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Will we need t pay for the rest of the game onwards or is it only until next month that we can play it?

are we able to run away with koshiro yet?


Hope you're doing well

Just double checking, but do you need to pay money to play 1.03? It says 2$ on my screen.


yeah public version is previous one  I think?

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That's where I'm confused. Maybe Patreon stopped working or something idk but i hope it becomes free soon because I'm a cheap hoe and have no money

Deleted 1 year ago

I wanted a bath wolf scene. Why that fox had to arrive so fast?

Deleted 1 year ago

As the same relevant that you. You want rhino I want wolf. Lol what the problem?

I already played all rhino route in development.

I didn't like that dream to be true. Lol But the story is nice.


Excited to see this update!!!! 


When i saw their was finally an update it brought a tear to my eye :')




omg YES!! :D



Holy poop, soo happy, downloading now, :D!!!


Glad to see this updating again!