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Current uploaded built is the most recent. But will remain public for some time until the Patreon build gets further along. To gain access to future builds, visit my Patreon and consider supporting me there. If you would also like to discuss the game further, I have a discord as well. Link is here Discord.

Kingsguard FAQs

A World at Peace:

Perhaps you are used to fairy tales and legends of heroes who journey to far off lands to defeat a great evil who threatens the peace of the world. But what you will quickly find in this story is no such thing. For you see the world is already very much at peace. There may be a few bandits lying in wait on the high roads, thieves who break into homes in the dead of knight, and pick pockets and extortionists prowling the city streets; But there are no wars, very few famines, and certainly no evil sorcerers to stop . It couldn't be a more perfect time to be alive, especially for our young prince, who is about to come of age and soon be rightfully chosen to lead his nation. He has suffered from few plights, and rides on the coattails of his father's success. But all good things must come to an end. Underneath this peaceful world there is a bubbling mire of conspiracy that seeks to drown our prince. With the assistance of those known as Kingsguard, selected individuals to serve as the bodyguards of the royal family, the prince who soon be forced to flee his home to escape those who would wish to end his life,  to travel this unknown world that he has only ever read about in books. His journey will be long and perilous This is no dream come true nor an adventure anyone would wish for. But it is one that he has no choice but to see it through to the end.

What can you expect?

Kingsguard is considered a non-linear visual novel so your choices will bring about changes to the story, open up new dialogue, and even affect the ending. To fully understand the story and piece together the mysteries the characters will face, you must play each of the three character paths that will take you to a different corner of Torvair. The choices you make will have consequences and effect the story in various ways. 


The current sprite artist is TheBigSlick, who has supplied my with some amazing sprites for the three main characters and will be making more as I continue to work on the game. He has both a twitter and a furaffinity page where you can check out his work.

I also have a cg artist, SunShtein who is helping supply art at various significant moments in the game. He has a furaffinity where you can take a look as his gallery.

RULER has been kind to supply me with some temporary sprites as placeholders until TheBigSlick creates the official ones. You can check him out here at his twitter.

Lastly, Sam is helping out with the development of the game including editing, proofreading, and grammar.


This game still has much work to be done, and updates to the game happen every few months, but regardless I pour my heart into every build, hoping to make this story one of a kind. With your support I will be able to provide you with a compelling story, memorable characters, great artwork, and hopefully a dark yet thrilling experience. 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(652 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Male protagonist, mature, Medieval, NSFW
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Kingsguard 1.03 Win/Linux Public 574 MB
Kingsguard 1.03 MAC OSX Build 569 MB
Kingsguard 1.03 Android Build 587 MB
Kingsguard 1.06 Win/Linux Public 593 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
Kingsguard 1.06 MAC OSX Build 588 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more
Kingsguard 1.06 Android Build 605 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more

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I am loving the game, the moment I laid eyes on Koshiro I knew he was the one and I am having a blast going through his route.  There is something about him that I just find really cute and innocent in a way.


This is my favorite VN, I've read it so many times that I lost count, I always follow Leandros' route, he's so interesting, hardworking and cute. I hope Leon gets a happy ending with the main character, who better to be king than a lion? ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


After I unzip the download folder and press the application it doesn't come up, anyone know how to fix this?


So there's a chapter 9 for Koshiro but my game ends at the end of chapter 8? I just got this game recently and already tried reinstalling to see if maybe that would fix it but it didn't. Can someone kindly help me figure out what I need to do?

Koshiro's chapter 9 is only available in the paid version currently. If you paid $2 or more for the game on itch, make sure to download version 1.06 for whatever system you're running. If you subscribed to the creator's patreon there should be a post there with a google drive link to download it from. 

damn double leandros upd i just realized...next one must be ramos since koshiro got his too i hope

(1 edit) (+9)(-3)

Don't know if it's been asked before, but... so far the MC has been shown as sub with the kingsguards...
Will there be dom MC scenes? (would love to dom Koshiro and especially Ramos❤)[ok, maybe not necessarily dom, but scenes where MC gives dick, not only receives it]


no way the mc receiving is way better 


Why not both? Everyone gets to enjoy whatever they fancy and have the skip button for what they don't.


its kings guard no way 

(2 edits) (+2)

is he not a top with koshiro? i swear he was ..ik ramos is prob a strict top but leandros and koshiro must be verse..

Love to see the update!

Having issues with the MAC version alot of errors and cant get past errors as no option to ignore the error.

are you playing on a new save file? Or are you using one that is saved just before the new chapter? If you are, I put out a statement on all of my releases that there will be errors if you play the newest chapter with an old save file. This is due to changes in the script from previous chapters, meaning you will need to play through those first. If you have a save file around chapter 4 I would say that is the safest place you can use an old save file.

I started the game again and did the skip function.  Thats when the errors started to appear.


this is the first place in my life ive ever heard cum referred to as 'milky molasses', A+ for creativity

is there a guide, im having trouble with Leandros new CG 1.06 build

(1 edit) (+1)

with unlocking the nsfw visuals? what i did is:

-when given the choice, DONT kill assassin (this one is very important)

-support leandros on the ship when discussing him leaving for renemos

-when talking to jaws about feelings for leandros, choose 'maybe more'

-run away after attempted kiss (but im not sure if this one would change anything, but its what i chose and seems to work)

Love the story especially the little overlaps between routes, 10/10

christ this looks so darn good already



I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!

I feel like I am being possessed for loving this VN this badly.

Cannot wait for the upcoming updates!


I know this is a weird thing to ask, but wouldn't it be awesome if there's a game that crosses over with characters from different VNs?

Hmm but what about the art style

Hmm. Yeah, all these VNs have various different styles. I would think a more Kemono-like style, but how to translate certain characters into that style?

oh like XMB studio make that one comic called the relationship it's furry btw

Never heard of that one. I was thinking more like Nekojishi.

hehehehe I explored to much in internet 

No available,I'll just wait

The game is so nc and the story line

Hey! ^^_ Thankx so much for releasing the public build, but the files don't seem to be available :/

I'm unable to get passed going to sleep with Leandros in the sharks cabin, any help?

omfg omfg omfg omfg in reading this nowwwwwwwwwwww


does anyone know if the next build is Ramos?

Deleted 134 days ago



The new build is coming on the 30th!


To anyone wondering, this VN is still being worked on. If you join the Discord, Hidden occasionally gives updates on progress. Right now, the rough draft for the next build is done and, according to Hidden, should be coming out soon.


hey the old update was 349 days ago is the one not being updated anymore


It’s still being uploaded but only on patreon and once the author is happy with patreon being ahead of the public it should return to being uploaded here. (Hopefully that made sense it’s 2 am rn so I’m gonna go sleep now)

Will there be any more updates of Ramos?


One year, guess it's dead and abandoned... 💀

(1 edit) (+2)

its been a year already??? damn

I found out what it was wrong it was because I need to download it on the other half decks

:sob:  you missing the one where I press v that reads aloud to m

do you mean its not working for you because  it was working fine for me 

I LOVE THIS SO MUUCHCHCH!!!! I've played Leandros and Koshiros route and I'm so invested. Definitely one of my favorite vns. I can't wait for the next update

One more month and it will be a year lol

Nuh uh


the last update was 237 days ago hows it coming along not be rude just wanted to ask


I believe the sole dev has college or similar work during the school year, update likely to come in May? I'm not certain, very very little activity from them on twitter and patreon.

Pretty good, we finally got time to move things forward

i do have a question in roses catheedral with L  there are chains one the first pic/vlips  dose that mean i missed something  


I might restart just to re play it this is my number 1 that's for sure and I have played a lot of vns 


I dont get why ppl are mad about $2 per build... making a game as a small creator without having a big team and money in the backround is super hard and even more so if the game is as good and detailed as this one! I dont think anyone who's crying about his small amount really knows how much work it is and yet here they are complaining instead of appreciating... Even worse is that because of stuff like that so many creators quit and i really dont want that since its a really good game! So ppl please if you are to cheap to support a game even tho you like it dont comment and go off on the creator!


Its probably because it was free for most of its life and the dev doesn't do it for a living. Only as a hobby. If updates were more consistent on a set schedule it would make sense. but now its a few days from a year without updates and their charging for a most likely dead project they will never finish. (This is not supposed to be bashing or whatever its called now. I'm told im bad at phrasing things and it always sounds like I'm angry so apologies if that's the case here)


id want to be the rude one but when is the next update i love this vn

(1 edit)

builds take 4+ months, so its really about patience

ohhhhhhhhh ok makes sence now thx you

Okay I have to ask if I spend the two dollars now do I get all future updates as well or do I have to buy every one?

(1 edit)

most likely every month just like the patreon, they only added it here so it can be easier to install (i think)

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