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Current uploaded built is the most recent. But will remain public for some time until the Patreon build gets further along. To gain access to future builds, visit my patreon and consider supporting me there.

A World at Peace:

Perhaps you are used to fairy tales and legends of heroes who journey to far off lands to defeat a great evil who threatens the peace of the world. But what you will quickly find in this story is no such thing. For you see the world is already very much at peace. There may be a few bandits lying in wait on the high roads, thieves who break into homes in the dead of knight, and pick pockets and extortionists prowling the city streets; But there are no wars, very few famines, and certainly no evil sorcerers to stop . It couldn't be a more perfect time to be alive, especially for our young prince, who is about to come of age and soon be rightfully chosen to lead his nation. He has suffered from few plights, and rides on the coattails of his father's success. But all good things must come to an end. Underneath this peaceful world there is a bubbling mire of conspiracy that seeks to drown our prince. With the assistance of those known as Kingsguard, selected individuals to serve as the bodyguards of the royal family, the prince who soon be forced to flee his home to escape those who would wish to end his life,  to travel this unknown world that he has only ever read about in books. His journey will be long and perilous This is no dream come true nor an adventure anyone would wish for. But it is one that he has no choice but to see it through to the end.

What can you expect?

Kingsguard is considered a non-linear visual novel so your choices will bring about changes to the story, open up new dialogue, and even affect the ending. To fully understand the story and piece together the mysteries the characters will face, you must play each of the three character paths that will take you to a different corner of Torvair. The choices you make will have consequences and effect the story in various ways. 


The current sprite artist is TheBigSlick, who has supplied my with some amazing sprites for the three main characters and will be making more as I continue to work on the game. He has both a twitter and a furaffinity page where you can check out his work.

I also have a cg artist, SunShtein who is helping supply art at various significant moments in the game. He has a furaffinity where you can take a look as his gallery.

Lastly RULER has been kind to supply me with some temporary sprites as placeholders until TheBigSlick creates the official ones. You can check him out here at his twitter.


This game still has much work to be done, and updates to the game happen every few months, but regardless I pour my heart into every build, hoping to make this story one of a kind. With your support I will be able to provide you with a compelling story, memorable characters, great artwork, and hopefully a dark yet thrilling experience. 

Currently, the most recent update is available on my Patreon for supporters. The most recent build will be available for download in 2 weeks time. Subsequent updates will then be only available for Patreons until enough updates have passed. 


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kings.guard-104-armeabi-v7a-release.apk 386 MB

Development log


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Ive just created an account to say that this is amazing vn!

I really enjoyed playing it and looking forward to future updates❤️❤️❤️

Since a few people seem to have commented im just going to post the last patreon post here, anyone can look at it for free on hiddenwalls patreon.

Dec 16, 2019 at 9:10am

Status Update

Alright, so I’ve been seeing a lot of comments floating around about the status of the project and wanted to clear some things up so not to leave you all in suspense waiting and wondering when the next build will be. For reasons I will not go to in depth about, this has been a bit of a hectic year. Some of it financially, some of it mentally, some of it simply based on how much time I even have to dedicate working on the game. This becomes especially true for me with the start of the holiday season around the end of October  as I work in retail. What this means is that I pretty much haven’t touched the game since around the end of October. It’s a thing that just happens during this time of year where I become busy and even more tired and unmotivated to write or work thus leading to procrastination and lethargy.

Now there is no need to get too worried. I’m not going anywhere, I’m not canceling the game but I am taking a short break from it. If anything it’s more like a hiatus though one that In actuality started all the way back in October. For those looking forward to the next update I’m sorry to keep you all waiting for so long. I plan to continue working on the game here and there in my spare time of course but as for really focusing on getting this next build out there, I won’t be dedicating my free time until at least February and hopefully from there getting the build out by March. If things change I might get it out sooner or hopefully not later but for now there is a time to expect an update.

I thank you all for your support and comments. once I’ve gotten into a more stable position I’ll be right back to getting updates back out there. I can assure this next one will be completely different from the others I haven’t written thus far.

Please fix the MC dream CG sex scene with Leon's Route, kinda dissapoint about the art kinda different


Did this project get ditched? Did I miss the memo or....


He said that he's been having IRL issues recently, however the project is NOT being canceled or ditched, he said that he will work on it during his spare time so as of now it will take a lot longer than before; for the newest update to be released.

Thanks! :D Wasn't sure what was going on, I really love this VN, and was hoping more would come from it, I understand that life kinda... throws a wrench in things though, but it's good to hear that it's still going through :D

Would be nice if it was possible to hide the textbooks if one wanted a full screen to admire the artwork.

'H' key to hide the hud in renpy games, so you can admire them


I'm on android and keyboard is hidden until it have to be used. Like with MC name. So I don't think it's possible on Android cellphone, unless a physical keyboard is connected, but I don't have any.  

Thanks anyway 👍

Soon I'll get a Windows Surface or a 2 in 1 pc. I want to read / play on sofa or in bed. That's not practical with a large desktop 😜

Is the android version of the game up to date?

Is there a walkthrough?

(1 edit) (+1)

Has there been any unreleased updates to this game on patreon?

Not that I see.

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Tried it,  liked it and since you're supporting android builds I am definitely supporting you on Pat.  Look forward to your next build. 


I'm constantly checking if they updated the game, the suspence is killing me. Is there an official date for the update? 

I wish....


When I came upon the opening sequence, the encounter with rats, I thought it would have a choice to make a "risky" escape from them, perhaps offering them a portion of what the prince experienced in the Cathedral? If that doesn’t sound too perverted, I suggest a scene of prince being overly obedient, which results in a nsfw scene of dubious morality. Maybe it’ll open certain choices in the future, 'sluttier' choices, perhaps?


Really love this so far . Will try and become a patron when I get paid . Any sign of an update ? As Iv gotten to the end of two of the characters so far 


Honestly my favorite is Ramos despite how mean he sounds


Love the story can't wait to see how koshiro progresses 


Next update? 


Just got to the scene depicted in the 4th image of the games page with Ramos, and in my honest opinion, I was totally fine imagining what the MC looked like on my own. Totally took me off guard, and honestly made me kind of uncomfortable. Nothing to do about it I guess, oof. 

RIP its cause of my preferences


I've played this over the last couple of days and i just can't wait for updates to this. i'm excited to continue all the routes. even though Koshiro isn't my favorite i'm interested to see what happens next in his route. possibly because it felt more fantasy world than the other two routes so far, but i'm invested in all 3 all the same. also tell me Gretta is ok ;-; 

(1 edit) (+3)

Whose route will be update next? I hope it would be Koshiro:) Your game is best, very interesting. I wish you good luck. Thank you.


Firstly, I have to say, Kingsguard is one of the few if not the only visual novel that I know where I'm as heavily engrossed with its story and characters, Koshiro is my favorite personally. His backstory is really interesting to me, I feel I can relate to him, emotionally and mentally speaking even with differing circumstances. I genuinely just want all the good things for this poor boy.

Secondly, I just thought you should know, in Koshiro's(shocker) route  the CG art is a little off, the style is amazing, however his manhood looks fake or unfinished(assuming that's the actualy case). It's not major, but it stood out to me amongst the rest of the incredibly detailed art.

I gotta say I thought the same upon watching Koshiro's CG. That dck looks really weird.

Yeah I agree, and also with Leandros CG, it looks nothing like him and it threw me off a bit tbh. Out of all the CGs Ramos was the most detailed, even if it does lock what pc looks like. But I am grateful we even get CGS.  

ikr? Ramos' CG is great for real.

not to hate the other two but they really look weird

I saw the Leo CG as well, however I imagine that's just an outdated piece as Leo got an appearance rework. The reason I pointed out Koshiro's is because his CG is using the reworked appearance. (I stress that I dont think the image as a whole is bad or wrong at all, just that single part felt out of place or incomplete)

I hope I dont come off as insensitive nor entitled, I just thought that I should point out something that I felt was inconsistent with the other very detailed pieces (that isn't considered placeholders)

(1 edit) (+2)

Can't wait for the next update, hope the next update will be Ramos


any clue about the doran the breaker question?


I'm kinda hoping maybe Hyosuke will turn to being a good boi and can be romanced abit >///> maybe that's just me

may i ask, whats the MCs Species


MC is human.

Hola yo te podría ayudar con la escritura y te podría dar ideas respónde a este mensaje prometo ayudarte y envíarte la trama sin cobrar nada solo quiero que el juego sea el mejor


Alright, I need more of this and I need it asap! Gotta say really great story in general. Koshiro is number one foxy 😁


Loving everything so far. There's so much put into it already and the story is great! Looking forward to seeing more of Hyosuke in the future!


When will be the next update? 


I’m going to try to aim for a release by the end of this month but I can’t make any promises. Unfortunately aside from the artists, I’m the only person handling the writing and programming and all other aspects that go into making this game. Its really just a one man project so you may have to wait awhile between updates. But because of this I can promise you that I don’t just rush or skimp out on work. I make sure to make each release to the best off my ability and quality as I can. 🙂


That is nice to hear. I'm glad you enjoy it too. And I hope that remains the case. I know a lot of people who give up after a while just because it gets harder. 


I know I'm parroting  a bunch of people but, I can't wait for the next update. I'm so happy I came across this game (completely by chance) and can't recommend it enough

I am, against my better judgment, completely smitten with Ramos (although,tbh, I do love all three equally as much and already planned to play all three routes multiple times just to see what happens)


Hey another Ramos fan! Probably not fair for me to play favorites but yeah Ramos is my favorite too! glad you are enjoying the game so far!


I love this game. I thought the game nekojishi is good, but this game is much better. I can't wait for the next updates.

Just finished a patch with Leandros and i can't wait to see what will be happening next! I didn't really like him at the beginning but now i'm falling for him! Great job!


This game is amazing, incredible artwork, sounds and it is very immersive.

(1 edit)

Looking good so far. Only issue I has is the android version not spacing out the lines in the intro so they tend to overlap. At least in the beginning of the game. (Havent gotten far yet)

Thank you for that Android version :)


First time playing it, now I'm THOROUGHLY invested! Can't wait for the next update!

Do updates affect the usability of prior saves?

yes, do to the nature of some variables being changed around, you will likely run into issues with past saves. 

Will there be an Android versión? 


Will Jaws be a romance option? I fell love in with his character. 


For now no. The three main characters will be done before I focus on any other path. As for after that, we'll have to see.


Can’t get enough of this game! Can’t wait for the next update.

I wish these also be available for android(looks so promising:))

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