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Current uploaded built is the most recent. But will remain public for some time until the Patreon build gets further along. To gain access to future builds, visit my Patreon and consider supporting me there. If you would also like to discuss the game further, I have a discord as well. Link is here Discord.

Kingsguard FAQs

A World at Peace:

Perhaps you are used to fairy tales and legends of heroes who journey to far off lands to defeat a great evil who threatens the peace of the world. But what you will quickly find in this story is no such thing. For you see the world is already very much at peace. There may be a few bandits lying in wait on the high roads, thieves who break into homes in the dead of knight, and pick pockets and extortionists prowling the city streets; But there are no wars, very few famines, and certainly no evil sorcerers to stop . It couldn't be a more perfect time to be alive, especially for our young prince, who is about to come of age and soon be rightfully chosen to lead his nation. He has suffered from few plights, and rides on the coattails of his father's success. But all good things must come to an end. Underneath this peaceful world there is a bubbling mire of conspiracy that seeks to drown our prince. With the assistance of those known as Kingsguard, selected individuals to serve as the bodyguards of the royal family, the prince who soon be forced to flee his home to escape those who would wish to end his life,  to travel this unknown world that he has only ever read about in books. His journey will be long and perilous This is no dream come true nor an adventure anyone would wish for. But it is one that he has no choice but to see it through to the end.

What can you expect?

Kingsguard is considered a non-linear visual novel so your choices will bring about changes to the story, open up new dialogue, and even affect the ending. To fully understand the story and piece together the mysteries the characters will face, you must play each of the three character paths that will take you to a different corner of Torvair. The choices you make will have consequences and effect the story in various ways. 


The current sprite artist is TheBigSlick, who has supplied my with some amazing sprites for the three main characters and will be making more as I continue to work on the game. He has both a twitter and a furaffinity page where you can check out his work.

I also have a cg artist, SunShtein who is helping supply art at various significant moments in the game. He has a furaffinity where you can take a look as his gallery.

Lastly RULER has been kind to supply me with some temporary sprites as placeholders until TheBigSlick creates the official ones. You can check him out here at his twitter.


This game still has much work to be done, and updates to the game happen every few months, but regardless I pour my heart into every build, hoping to make this story one of a kind. With your support I will be able to provide you with a compelling story, memorable characters, great artwork, and hopefully a dark yet thrilling experience. 

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Male protagonist, mature, Medieval, NSFW
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Development log


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Is this NSFW

pretty much

What is our protag species?


Quando vai chegar a versão pública 1.03 leandros chapter 08

provavelmente em algum momento deste mês

Will old saves work?

they may or may not, depending on where you saved


So has Leandros chapter 8 been updated or is going to update because ive downloaded it but it just goes to chapter 7

The Leandros chapter 8 is not public yet.




I like this game and I hope you're doing well hope to see the next Update soon!

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is the next update for all routes or just one route? 

also: will jaws get a route one day/will he ever appear again or was that the only time he appears


Think it's just leandros route. 


for this upcoming update, its Leandros

Hii there's a seemingly unskippable error when coming across Koshiro's old home. I've seen a few comments about this, but no official response, so I'm just commenting to raise awareness. Using the Android version, if that helps.


it will be fixed in the next update


Ah okay thank you <3

when will the next update be?


soon 😉



how soon? 

I know that you're probably busy but I don't know, after I reach koshiro's village the game crashes saying something like, " image not found"? I have been so hooked reading the route I tried many things like, re-downloading the game like 4 times in a row. I don't know :( 

Someone help

(2 edits)

When the error screen appears, just tap IGNORE button on lower left side of the screen. Click it many times until the next scene appears.

It's an Android picture type issue. Unfortunately that entire scene won't work on phones for now.


Are you okay? Yore not sick are you

when Koshiro asks if you would flee with him is there a way to unlock the "flee with him" option? if so, how.


I believe not. The script does not show any logic for that. Seems to be WIP?


update when?


Next build will be a patreon one so it ownt be on itch for a long time and it's also not released on patreon yet. Hiddenwalls updates always take a while but are usually large and of great quallity. If you look at the past dev logs itch updates:

build 1.4 - september 2019

Next update - march 2020

Next update - january 2021

With covid, working a job and being in school there's just not alot of time to work on updates: https://www.patreon.com/posts/for-new-patreons-49134578

''It does not include Chapter 8 for Leandros, that will be in the next build and it will be a patreon build.''


Will all the updates in patreon will be in itchio too??


When is the next update and does this have a discord?

there is a discord link on the top when you open the page it should be a red colour. You will see Patreon and then a few lines down discord will be there.

What was Doran the bereaker's species



Can I ask one question? Pretty Please? Is there any NSFW scene in this game?


Yes. At least on Ramos route there is very explicit scenes.

Also Koshiro has a spicy part but its just him. The mc hides and watches

During koshiros route after you choose to leave the vimage on the Android version there is a massive exception I have hit ignore at least 30 times at this point and it's still occurring

You need to press ignore for around 120 then you'll be taken to a scene.  I suggest that you save your progress if you arrived at the scene because if you tap the back button, you'll have to press the ignore tab more than a hundred times again. I wish I was joking but something "steamy" happened at those ignored things. You have my condolences, fellow Android users....

(3 edits) (+4)(-1)

Story is really good. Especially the CG in Chapter 7 on each paths if you know what i mean 😉😉 but.... except for Leandros' CG.... he kinda looks  like Simba from the Lion King... 😶 he is sooo hot when he is out of his armor and stuff, and it's kinda a big turn off for his CG it's too far from the original character design..i just hope that in further chapters, his cg will change tho. The best so far is Ramos' cg. Dont get me wrong tho. I still love the story, can't wait for the next update! 😊😊😊

That's still an old CG from Leandro's old sprite. 


I love this game, and my favorite character is Koshiro. I can't really wait for the new update, and was sad to see his storyline end, and I am in fact a little depressed it did.

It has a great storyline, with great art, and awesome character writing.

I went in looking for something, and found a different thing that was greater than I ever could have imagined. I could not gather the words to tell you how much I love the story, and just the game in all.

Other than a few grammar mistakes here and there, it is very immersive, and is a quality game worth playing.


I wanted to like this. The art is great. But I just couldn't get over how much of a brat the MC is. I get he's a prince or whatever, but he reads as really immature to me. He also just seems kind of... dumb.... Well, maybe naive is a fairer word...  Does the MC "grow up" as the story develops? 


He's forced to mature rapidly, but he's definitely a self-centered brat for the first few chapters. He's better after the ship. 

 the main character put me off, he was at times unbearable to read as.  but ill pick it up again if he isn't always like this

Yeah, he definitely  gets better once he realizes he has... well, nothing except his Kingsguards. He quickly learns he isn't the center of the universe, in all the routes. He's the most bratty (for longer) with Ramos, I think so the rhino can tell him off.

To me, he's most quickly humbled with Koshiro.

He is like that is because of his Father and big part of it came from Leon/Leandros,  the MC wanted to learn how to use sword but his father forbids it. Even Leon said it that the prince doesnt need to learn it because he would be the one to fight for him. To protect him. They didnt even want him to go outside of the Castle walls. Thats why he is a brat, if you analyzed it, it's not his fault for being that way. Even if his father is still alive all of his life he was abadoned and other turn their backs at him. But dont worry tho, I already did all of the paths, of the stories 🤣 and yeah he changed for the better of his people and kingdom. Well sometimes i get annoyed to Leon for being too protective instead of teaching the prince to protect himself. This is just my opinion tho. No hate 😊


wish jaws was date-able tho :>

Deleted 23 days ago

Will Escaping with Koshiro ever be a choice in his next updates or do i have to stay in the village

I'm sure it will be eventually. Try choosing to stay in the village, though, if you haven't already. 

(1 edit)

Am i finished when a file comes up saying copy code open ignore or quit or is that a bug?


I choose ignore, but it sounds like you're playing the Android version which, unless its been fixed, skips an entire section because of a background that's in the wrong format or something. If you can, I recommend using a computer instead.

Yh im on android so ignore doesnt work for me thanks for the recommendation

yeah i ran into the same issue, i joined the discord and they said that they already knew about it and were trying to fix it. It was planned that it would be fixed this moth but it ended up being delayed


Oh, I'm really liking this!!! I pulled an all nighter just to finish Koshiros story which is by far my favorite and i regret nothing!!!

And speaking Koshiros route, i can't stress enough how much is like to see a hyosuke route in the future, (LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD)

because despite what Koshiro said i can definitely see the similarities between hyosuke and the prince, altho more in the sense that they're foils to each other. It would be super interesting to see how a relationship between them would happen and if it would also help make hyosuke a better guy overall... Ugh, now I'm getting invested in that jerk of a wolf....

That aside, I'm absolutely hooked and can't wait for more! Although I dont think I'll be able to go for other routes easily considering what i know of Koshiro now ç-ç he's just so devoted I'm gonna cry....

Same here a route with Koshiro and Hyosuke would be one of my wildest dreams coming true

wait theres a finish to koshiros route?? I ran into an issue and i couldnt play it anymore

If it's the Error screen youre talking about, just press ignore multiple times and it will go back to the story. I already finished my Koshiro's path. Just waiting for the next update tho. Lol.

Yeah, I just decided to get it on my pc and play it through that way


honestly, its way too slow for really unsatisfying pay offs. 

best take


oooh i did all of ramos' route that was available and it was amazing i cannot wait to see what else you have in store for him!! probably gonna try out leandros route next i like his dynamic, but i dont wanna  cheat on my handsome rhino...


I love this game, ive seen people complain about how helpless the mc is but it makes complete sense. He never left the castle much and he had everything in his life handed to him. I absolutely LOVE his interactions with Ramos, he is def my fav. Keep it up, sending all the support

I agree with you on the MC being helpless, because not only was he forced to stay inside but he wasnt allowed to be trained for years, and when he was 

He wasnt being legitimately trained, but instead he had apparently just been toying around with leandros who was training him for sport instead of actual defence

Hiddenwall, no matter what do not let the detractors keep you from going.  I find the art beautiful and I'm really enjoying the story.  I like seeing the path from a programmers eye of the if - - then - else routes along with seeing a bit of your thoughts behind decisions. Again, keep up the amazing work and I really look forward to your next update!

So far the story is good just wish there was a little bit more excitement in it.  One thing that i do want to point out is that you used images from Harry Potter.  For instance when Ramos and the main character are shipwrecked and find the small town, the  brown haired woman's house is Ronald Weasley's house.  Even though you distorted the image, you still used a image that could have copyright to it.


I give this one a 2/5. I can see the effort that went into this, but that doesn't mean it's good. Way too few choices, way too much dialogue. I had the thing on skip past chapter 4. It had potential, but the absolute helplessness of the MC was absolutely dragging. I like RP'ing and putting myself in the shoes of the MC, and I felt absolutely dragged down and insulted by my characters helplessness and incompetence. 


This comment is what happens when you criticize a work on the basis of a personal standard instead of understanding narrative objectives and functions of the different elements in the story. Turns out that the quantity of dialogue is variable, the number of choices has never needed to be extensive, and the "helplessness" of the character is in fact an important topic in the story, based on a context, of course.

Your tastes are not what makes a work "good".

Naturally, it's not perfect. Also, it can be boring for you, nothing bad with that, but it hardly defines anything. A different approach with pertinent observations could make a good review, but as it is, yours is rather useless.


The whole point of comment sections and reviews is someone's personal opinion you pretentious ass

(1 edit) (+5)(-2)

Indeed, this section is just for put comment and personal opinions but at such your commentary could be more construtive so other people could not only maybe going with the debate but also that garantized a posibility of be hear and made some adjustment to future games if that critique is shared by a good ammount of people. Just take this as a friendly approach to your way of comment since being on the annonymity doesn't allow you disrespect others' work or comments. Have a nice day ^^


Impossible to be friendly when people talk to me like I'm retarded just because I don't like the thing they do


Ramos route is awesome and his CG amazing. If we look the MC in the CG you really get a feeling of how puny and delicate he is. And I had a good laugh with the underwear situation. Keep up the good work ;)

And handsome too ,😉😉😉

(1 edit) (+2)

I only saw the CG for Leandro up until now but the caracter in the CG is completely different from the sprite . While the game vibe is kinda "Romantic" feudal when it comes to the art the CG totally differs. Was kinda of a let down but Ill continue reading. ;)

(1 edit)

I do have to agree with you there. I absolutely love Leandros but the fantasy CG for him was not only completely different, but nowhere near the quality of the sprite art (it actually turned me off a bit, which really shouldn't be happening in a scene like that). Such a bummer, especially after the quality of Ramos' CG.

The same happens with Koshiro but it's pretty understandable the owner of this project does it all alone and comissioning artists doesn't come cheap. Probably artists like the one that did the sprites and the ramos CG are more expensive that man sure knows how to draw. :P

Ikr?? Damn. Leon is sooo hot when he is out of his armor. Like a muscular  hairy daddy with abs. 😉😉 but that CG.  😔😔 kinda turns me off, he looks like Simba from the lion king. But still loves the story tho. You should try Ramos, is CG is soooooo much better damn!!! 🤣🤣

(Spoilers for Koshiro)

So the option to run away with Koshiro is crossed out does that mean I have to do something in order to run away with him or will it come in another update?

it has still yet to come :)

wait so if I buy patreon will it give me the latest update automatically or what are the steps I haft to do to get it or will it come here soon. i neeeeeeeeeeeed help


Ramos so underrated :( he's secretly best boy


I did Leandros route again after a loooong time and it seems that they were some changes when we are on the island.
The changes are really good, like the 'real' training session with Leandros, but there is a moment that i miss, it's when the mc and Leandros are on the beach at night after collecting shells (towards the end of chapter 7) if i remember correctly, there was a very sweet scene between them.
Was that moment removed on purpose ? Are we gonna have a moment like this in future updates for Leandros ? I get that given the little changes for the route it's too soon for Leandros to come out but i hope it happens later...

For those who managed to understand what i just said, i applaud because i suck at explaining myself most of the time ^w^

aw man i could have collected shells on the beach with leon??

(1 edit) (+2)

I would like to see Jaws without clothes... for reasons... *ahem*. Maybe when he goes fishing he could strip totally nude? It could happen! Doesn't have to be a "romance" side-route but a little eye-candy would be nice! ;)

On the koshiro's route when he asks to run away with him, there is a risk and it is not possible to click, is this because of some choice I made or is it really so?

its because they haven't made it an option (i think)

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