Kingsguard (1.05) Koshiro Chapter 09

Koshiro fans rejoice the wait is over!

This new build comes with several new outfits for Koshiro, an updated sprite for Declan, as well as series of new CGs featuring Koshiro! Only one of Koshiro's outfits makes an appearance in this chapter, the others will show up next chapter, but you will be able to view them in Rose's Cathedral so please take a look! 

Remember that not all save files will work between builds especially during later chapters so you may have to restart from the beginning if you come up with errors.


Kingsguard 1.05 Android Build 546 MB
Jul 24, 2022
Kingsguard 1.05 MAC OSX Build 524 MB
Jul 24, 2022
Kingsguard 1.05 Win/Linux Build 559 MB
Jul 24, 2022

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I'm dying for a new Ramos chapter. The cliffhanger is unbearable. I hope everything goes well for you. 

i'm recent to kingsguard and i was wondering if the builds become gradually free or if its now all paying

Its pay only now which im mad at, but they do make good work

can someone tell me how i can get the update on to my game plz i need the new update





I guess each Ramos update will become an annual occurrence, at this rate.


Oh I badly want Ramos' next update too - the last part left me so interested to see what happens next. Also Leandros, which I guess will be the next update.


Right?? Ramos is my favorite & we left off at a crossroads for their relationship. Sadly, it takes so long to get updates, I am certain we will get the next Ramos update sometime next year. I suspect the Leandros update will come out by November, at the rate things have been going the last 18 months.


I still only see the 1.02 build as the free one, beside the newest chapter.

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Yeah 1.02 is the public one. If you want the newest you need to pay for the game at least 2$ but i dunno if I remember correctly


are all new chapters gonna be 2$? or is this the patreon version then  the free public version comes out? 

Deleted 1 year ago

it says it needs to be 2$ or more to get them only 1.04 is free rn 

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O M G !!! ~unintelligible cheers in the background




finally the next chapter in the story of the king and the fox, I have a question, when are you scheduling a new chapter what is the most work or time consuming, writing the story, new art for the game or something else?

there is no set schedule as to when I release or work on a chapter as I work on this VN in my spare time. Honestly there is not one thing that is the most time consuming. Sometimes I get stuck on writing and that can take a while, or I might run into a problem with programming something and that too can take time to work out.