Last Update Before Next Build

Just wanted to let you all know that the writing portion of the build has been finished. I’m just waiting on an art asset before I can publish. I appreciate all of your patience and hope you look forward to the update.

Well school is out and I've been working on trying to finish up the next build. Currently I'm making a final draft so I'm close to done though I don't think I'll be finished this weekend. Likely next is when it will be released.

I know this build wont be the most exciting update since it's a bit of a rewrite of chapters 6 and 7 for Leandros but I urge you all to give it a read as there are a few changes that I've made.

Also wanted to reiterate that this build will be public but the following build will go back to being available for Patreons Only and on itchio for purchase.

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wait so when is Koshiros public build available?

I'm glad this is getting worked on again, I've been really enjoying the story so far. Don't stress yourself too much though, taking care of your own health is more important.

*applause* Take your time. Stay healthy mentally and physically. :)


I'm happy that there's a new update anyways~


An update is always worth it~ :v