October Update

Hello everyone,

My apologies for being silent on here. I’m not dead and the game isn’t on pause or cancelled I’m just currently working and also in school so I’m unable to dedicate a lot of time to updating the game but I am still working on it. My Patreon is the place I usually send updates and they are public so check there if you are ever curious about the state of the game but I’ll try to make sure I update statuses here as well. I’m currently reworking Leandros chapter 06 and 07 to fit more in line with what I have planned with Chapter 08. When that build is done it will be free for download on release for making you all wait so long. Thank you be being patient and I hope that you all look forward to what I have planned.

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Glad to hear the project hasn't been dropped. I've been loving the story!


I've been really enjoying the story so far, I'm glad to hear it's still being worked on. Take as much time as you need!


Awesome to know it's still alive n kickin'!

I've been checking your Patreon every couple weeks since the last update to check in despite not being able to donate, I really enjoyed playing whats already here and I'll be willing to wait because your life should come before this VN, keep workin hard and I hope to see a new update when you're ready. 

Can't wait!


I'm super excited! Already looking forward to it! And don't worry man, take as much time as you need