Kingsguard 1.04 Ramos Chapter 08

Sorry for the long wait but it's finally here! 

With this new build comes two new sprites as well. Seshiro and Hyosuke who have been updated in game. At a later time they will also receive more emotions but I want to first focus on getting more sprites done. 

There are a few other fixes as well throughout the chapter including grammar and spelling edits as well as adjustments to the characters sprites and side images. You may notice that the characters appear larger on the screen in this build. This change is to help show more details with the character sprites in both the PC and mobile builds.

Remember that not all save files will work between builds especially during later chapters so you may have to restart from the beginning if you come up with errors.

Files 550 MB
Mar 05, 2022 515 MB
Mar 05, 2022
kingsguard.project-104-universal-release.apk 537 MB
Mar 05, 2022

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YES. YES. YES. I've been waiting so long, and now  it's here! Ramos is my favorite.


cant wait another year for the free version

ahhh i see that why i only stack in chapter 7 both leandros and ramos route its because its not for free for the mean time hyssss, Dev why you torture us,,, hhhohohohoh ,, im waiting

is ver. 1.03 still not out for free?

If I recall correctly, 1.02 was the last free public update - from then on it's been Patreon or paid only.

oh.. :(

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It doesn't seem to continue to  chapter 8, cant get pass the barn scene with Ramos is that suppose to happened?

the barn scene? is that the fire one?

No, at the part where Ramos and the MC are sleeping together in the barn?

(1 edit)

The barn scene is when the public version ends. The new update that includes chapter 8 is Patreon-only for the moment.

The new content is really worth it, it will shook you with all emotions.

ah, I see, I didn't know the link was meant for Patreon. thx

Can I ask, does it include any NSFW scenes? I've been trying to find out since the Ramos route is the only one I am interested and I'd be willing to get a month of Patreon to check it out but not if it is only more story.


Oh my goshh the way Ramos storyline cuts off is as bad as Leandros. Wouldn't be so painful if the updates weren't so freaking far between. Dang it man, why you gotta torture us like this?! lol.

Ikr, I was literally killed and have no further wish to live after that.


ramos lovers are winning once again

for some reason im not getting any new dialogue? i even started from the beginning again 

(1 edit) (+4)

I was confused because I couldn't download the version 1.04, but apparently the free version stops at the 1.02

Well, guess I'll wait till it's available in a few months.


Thank you so much, love your work honestly. So excited to play any new update. Made my day.


You have no idea how happy you made me today, thank you!!!!


The long wait was worth it