Kingsguard Patreon Build Available for Purchase

For those that might have missed catching the Patreon build which I had released on the 15th, I am putting it up here on itchio for purchase. The build is number 1.01, not to be confused with 1.00 which is the current public build. This build will eventually become public, but not until a number of the Patreon builds have been released. 


Kingsguard 1.01 Win/Linux Build 419 MB
Mar 28, 2020
Kingsguard 1.01 MAC OSX Build 402 MB
Mar 28, 2020

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Anymore content added to the patreon build? I'm planning on going there instead.

So i bought the patreon version.  I thought it was going to to be more content on koshiros route arter he knocked you out.  So was different? 

double check to make sure your build that you are playing is 1.01. You may need to load a save file as well that is earlier in chapter 7 if you are continuing that file from an older build. Let me know if either of those work. Also one of the very last choices in chapter 7 does not continue into chapter 8 and is an end point until I release that path.

i installed 1.01  and restarted the routes for both leandros and koshiro. But nothing seems different and both routes ends at Day 7 but i assume thats because its still being worked on? 

Ty for fast reply.  Love what you do.  Keep it up ☺☺☺

Just a heads-up (in case no one mentioned it), on Android, the entire scene in Koshiro's old home gives errors because the background can't load.

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Thank you so much for this option, I already purchased this one and I really like itch launcher a lot more than downloading from Patreon.

Could you mark the PC build you uploaded as compatible with Windows and Linux, like you used to? This way I could easily download it through the launcher.

I checked and it contains .sh Linux executable, so you can safely do that.