Updated Public Build

If you haven't had the chance to check out my Patreon yet, I'm currently in the process of uploading an updated version of the public build here. (Note that this is not the most recent build. That build is for Patreons but I do plan on making it available for purchase here in a few days. Currently only the android build has been updated and it will take some time before the PC and Mac versions get uploaded to itch.io so if you don't want to wait you can visit my Patreon to get the download links right from there.


Kingsguard 1.00 Win/Linux Public Build 419 MB
Version 1.00 Mar 26, 2020
Kingsguard 1.00 MAC OSX Public Build 401 MB
Version 1.00 Mar 26, 2020
Kingsguard 1.00 Android Public Build 422 MB
Mar 28, 2020

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Android build won't install

I have uploaded another android build. It is the universal one so see if that one might work. 

this build, kings.guard-100000104-arm64-v8a-release.apk ? Still doesn't work, says "xApp not installed"

Thats not the universal one. Try kings.guard-104-universal-release, not the v8a one.

Hmm, I see the universal added to this page but not available to download yet, maybe takes a few days to update?

Hmm... Alright, let me try to reupload it again and see it that helps, check back in about half an hour.

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