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i dont know what it is, but ive just bought the game and when press on any of the starting buttons (new game, load game etc) all the written text is totally distorted. can anyone tell me how i can fix itt??

(im on windows btw)


Is there a guide anywhere?

if i buy the game, from now on i gonna get the "premium updates" right?

Also, could anyone recommend any other VNs with art similiar to this? I feel like I've seen a few stuff around but can't find any, I've fallen in love with the art style, kudos to the artists. Doesn't have to be nsfw nor furry but something preferably queer, cheers!


Could I ask for a very loose estimate of when the game will be fully finished? I don't mind paying for it, any price at all, the game would be well worth it. But I'd rather come back and buy it when it's been fully released than waiting for small updates, I end up forgetting about the games that way.

I hope this doesn't come off as demanding or rude. So far it's amazing, the writing, the individual stories and of course the art. I did spot a few typos and grammar errors, that I'm sure won't make it into the final game. 

Anyway, good luck on your journey with this game. It's gonna be a long and hard project, I can tell but everyone working on it has done great.

And I would have subscribed to the patreon and asked there instead, probably won't get a response here. But my interests are quick and fleeting so I'm not that into following it.


im just a bit confused with all the whining about 2$ this is so cheap considering all the content


I was wondering why I kept seeing this recommended everywhere... I guess because it was free at one point?

A lot of VNs stop mid-development, so hopefully the paywall will allow you to continue?! Hope it works out for you.


Welp guess i lost another VN to capitalism


You are not entitled to other people's labor. 

I'd do the same thing if I've put hundred of hours and money into a game, I'm just saying I'm  broke and can't get it rn πŸ’€


There is two versions of why you can't get it: 1. You are most likely underage and as such you shouldn't even be playing that 2. You are willfully unemployed. If i, a slav can afford to give 2$ for this, you can too. 


There is a third version - maybe he is Russian like me and simply has no way to pay. All because humanity in the world fu_ck_ed up more than usual!


Can't believe it went from free to paid 😭😭😭😭


yay this update is not for free even the older version of it hysss i miss this vn i because i cant afford to buy it...πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

You have telegram?

 i have no telegram account.. 



will 1.05 be free at some point in the future?

1.03 might be public after 1.08, the creator said they want a 6 update gap between public and patreon exclusive.


rip. i had the full version when it was free but was low on space, curse my previous self!


I've only played throught he public build and I am curious to know if there are plans of making Seshiro to be romancable?

Can anyone comment on this matter?


I've seen discussion of this before, the answer was something along the lines of that the developer would first want to do Leandros, Koshiros and Ramos routes first, (aka the main ones) and that they have not made the final decision on whether or not they would even make option to have romanceable routes for other characters, since they would want to first finalize this game with these 3 different romanceable characters, and then they would make the decision on would they make other characters romanceable nor not. (CORRECT MY RESPONSE IF I REMEMBERED THIS WRONGLY)

Thank you for the explanation. I guess I will wait and hope for the best. Fingers crossed, Seshiro will get a romancable route treatment.

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Just played the game after a while of never getting to it but....

anyone else notice how Koshiro's dick in that one scene looks like its screwed on backwards?





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the download files only have 1.02 or 1.05 as options for downloading.  even before 1.05, 1.03 and 1.04 werent available for me. i see 1.03 and 1.04 in the development logs but they arent available to download? 


I remove the older builds (Except for the public build) to keep the site less cluttered. For I use a pay per build model, so that if you don't want to support me on Patreon each month, you can get the game directly from here or even skip a few builds if you would like and just get the latest one.

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alright! but are the public versions gonna be updated later on or is 1.02 gonna be the permanent public build until its finished like a demo? 


I do plan on making an updated public version but would like for the paid addition to be ahead by several more versions before doing so. 


i hope this is still going i need to find the end it is truly a great story


Will all the coming builds cost $2 each for the future?

No, if you look at a comment that is just above your comment you will see that Hiddenwall has replied to someone with the same type of question


So thats why it said to be continued or something- tried this out and went with Koshiro, so far, I'm in love with this, the choices, the story, all amazing! Time to try other routes while waiting for the fox boi. 


do you think they will make more I hope they do I'm crying just thinking that they might not


Hello, I have a question, in the game's patreon in the publication of the koshiro redesign it was said that the next update would be throughout this month, right? Does anyone know if it will be released soon or will it be for next month

From patreon: ''Last post I said that I would attempt to release the upcoming chapter by the end of this month. I'm going to still need more time so I'm going to be aiming for next month, hopefully the first or second week.''



Hello I was scrolling through the comments saying that Ramos and Leon's chapter 8 can only be accessed by paying is it permanently or no? I'm really hoping it will not be permanent but is this comment turns out a bit negative for your liking I apologise it's just Im not really used to pay for things like this and I'm really hoping to enjoy it without paying , I'm to invested in this game :)

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usually they have public builds and then patreon builds. as in the newest chapter is for the patreons that pay to help make the game, in return they get perks like the new chapter a month or so before its public, sneak peaks at cgs or new outfits and general progress updates. the new build will most likely come out soon publically i think? im not sure depends on if the creator is wanting to save content for the final release :3

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I love this VN and Koshiro is my favorite character. Why did you change his legs from digitigrade to plantigrade? It's terrible - why write a game with anthropomorphic characters and then change them to make more human? He's assassin - I imagine how this fox will flip and run nimbly in these ugly boots. Thanks  bigslick whoever you fac...are and you to Hiddenwall.   Aaa-aarrrh!


Go to Patreon and look at the new sprite Koshiro. 

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yes, I'm the co-dev and I know of the sprite change


the second half I just dont understand, and all the other characters have humanoid legs. the reason why Koshiro had foxy legs while everyone else had normal legs is because Koshiro was the first commission from slick 


Okay, I'm just saying that the sprite with fox legs looked better and more suited to lore of the game. It's a pity that you decided to change it.

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Wanted to also say that Koshiro was my favorite as well due to the cute digitigrade design. It will be sad to see a move away from that.

Hoping there will at least be an option to restore the cuteness in later builds so that we are not stuck with the non-digitigrade design.


Hope so too. I've been waiting for the next part of Koshiro's route for so long, and then I saw his changed sprite. I didn't want to offend anyone with my words, but it made me so angry. The situation reminded me of TES, when in the fourth game the developers also changed the legs of the Argonians.


The Morrowind style argonians and khajiit characters were far cuter. Sadly the design changes there really took a downturn. Basically using the same human model for every character type, with a few texture changes and different head models, thus greatly limiting what can be done even with mods.

Anyway, still holding out hope that there will be a cuteness toggle for Koshiro to restore the cuter model.


Same. I was excited for the update but now I'm not even interested in the entire thing. I won't even be able to load it up.


And here's something else. In the  your version of the story, jaws undress at the beach, but it does not happen. I think it's a crime not to show his hot legs, peach ass and alluring pubis, please fix it, so that not only me can see his HOT DEAM BODY, but also everyone ;)


Ok, I was impatient, this shark is sooooooo hot. So... just wrote sexual scene by myself. Good for me there was jaw_base and jaw_d**k in files. And i noticed that you wanted to write some alternative scene of touching his teeth... Sooo i just wanna to thank Hiddenwall and TheBigSlick for opportunity to made and change some scenes and add a little bit spicy for this awsome story. I promise not to share my version with anyone without your permission :)

we'd love to see it on the discord!



hello Hiddenwall, I have a question, the next update will be about koshiro?



i do hope so


No me gusta nada el cambio que le hicieron a los personajes, me gustaban mucho como eran antes.

how long will the next update take?


I think the project have been abandoned

There was an update 68 days ago


I think I've read somewhere that the person making this game takes it slowly due to being busy irl and that updates have always been slow.

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bruh why is the shark hot asf, i want to date him


question, where can i find the audios/sound tracks in this game?


does anyone know why there is an option crossed out in kojiro's route chapter seven? did i not get enough affection points or is it not published yet?


Not yet released, sadly. ;-

does this game have any chubby characters

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"

Hello. I am asking if I can get in contact with a developer. Unsure of how else to get a hold of you so I am hoping you see this here. Cheers!


lmao, the discord server is the best way to contact Hidden and I

i play the 1.04 version of this game it pretty good keep up the great work on it n the music and the art is great to 

I don't want to losin my hope relly.. 😒😒


This update really left all of us on a emotional cliffhanger but I still wouldn't lose my hopes for something in the future. We have also received certain hint that our rhino is interested, I would just give the two of them more time to develop and their relationship!

Hey may i ask? why we cant read both chapter 8 of leandros and Ramos route??????  Please answer??  Im so dismayed.. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


those two routes right now are behind a paywall to our supporters


i love this game hmm Good job DEV very impressive,  art work, design and story line,, hhhha also i love leandros hhahahahaha,, looking forward of this VN..... have a good day DEV nad the team of this VN.. luv yah

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Soooo I can't play the game (paid for the 1.04 version). I downloaded it, extracted the game and when I start it - I can't save my progress. At any point of the game. There is an error, and nothing gets past that. ;/

Hello, sorry that you are having issues with the game. Is this happening on the mac, windows, or android version? And is it that you are trying to save on an old save that you have loaded, or on a brand new one save file?

Hi there. It's on the PC (windows) version. I'm trying to make a brand new save file, on the newly updated game (I've downloaded 1.04 and play only on that version). I willl attach the screenshot below. :)

Currently trying to replicate this and not finding anything wrong with being able to save on my end.

I would first delete the entire game and then redownload it again. If the issue still persists, walk me through the entire process that leads up to the error.  From opening the game, to every button you click on so that way I can see if I can replicate it on my end. 

Before that though, when you say you can't save the game at any point is that anywhere, no matter the chapter you are on? Also what happens with you press the ignore button? 
And just to double check, when you opened up the zipped file for the first time, you didn't move any folders around or deleted anything correct?

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Two things I can think of:

1) Renpy saves games in two places:

  • The ./game/saves  directory of wherever you extracted the game
  • The  ./AppData/Roaming/RenPy  directory inside your user account

   If, for any reason, you do not have permissions to write files to either of these locations (as in, filesystem permissions on the folders), you can see this error.

2) The version of renpy that this game uses has some problems related to non-ascii unicode characters... If the location where the game is extracted,  OR  your username on the computer have  characters like Γ‡  or  ΓΉ  or  Γ¨  in them, this might be causing this error as well..

One of those two is my guess

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